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Let’s Encrypt | SSL Certificate For Ghost Blog Running Ubuntu + NGINX

Prerequisites:  A server running nginx with root access via SSH An installation of ghost located at /var/www/ghost   wget (which should come out of the box with Ubuntu DNS correctly pointing at your server.  I always run my domains through CloudFlare for security and to help caching and page performance.  Note if you do this, […]

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Twitter Dish

15 Final Tweets by Dead Celebrities

With over 316 million active users every month, there’s no question that Twitter plays an important role in our growing social media addiction. Today, we’re going to look at the top 15 final tweets from celebrities before their untimely death. Even though we may not get to know our favorite celebrities on a personal level, social media lets […]

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Flying Home

Why I Traveled to Mexico for a Dentist

My friends didn’t believe I was considering traveling to another country for major oral surgery. 7 or 8 years ago I had good dental insurance and as my luck would have it, my wisdom teeth weren’t bothering me. My back teeth were late bloomers and decided to act up shortly after I opened my new business. Money was tight and I couldn’t […]

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Compaq 47XX

My First Computer: Compaq Presario 4784

It was almost Christmas back in 1996 and all I wanted was my first computer. I was still pecking away at the keyboard, not yet able to type a full sentence without looking. What I thought was my first computer turned out to be a Brother Word Processor with a two- or three-color external screen. It wasn’t […]

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Diamond Rio 300

My First MP3 Player: Diamond Rio PMP300

Back in the mid-to-late 90s, Diamond Multimedia was on top of its game. This hardware company produced some of the better graphics cards and sound cards of its day. It also produced one of the first portable digital music players that achieved mass production and popularity. It was also my first MP3 player, the Diamond Rio (PMP300). The Diamond […]

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Famous WordPress Sites You Didn’t Know Ran It

When I hear the name WordPress, I think of a personal blog. The software enables users to leave their mark online, free of charge. It’s easy to install and maintain through plugins created by third party developers. Released in 2003, it would forever change how we communicate our thoughts to the web (and who doesn’t like […]

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Windows 8 Sucks Ass

I am an obnoxious proponent of Linux.  I like that it is free, I like that it is open-source, and I like the custom ability it lends itself to.  Now let’s look at Windows. Windows 8 Sucks 1. You have to grant access for programs to perform what they are supposed to do, and sometimes […]

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WEI PowerShell

Find Your Windows Experience Index in Windows 8

When Microsoft released Windows Vista to the world in the beginning of 2007, it introduced a new scoring feature called the Windows Experience Index. This special feature measures 5 key areas of your computer’s hardware and assigns values based on basic benchmarking performance in: processor (CPU), graphics, memory (RAM), hard disk, and gaming graphics (3D), […]

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