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Colloquy Mobile

Colloquy For iOS Makes You Love IRC Again

I have been a avid daily user of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) since the 1990s. Back then, we didn’t have words like “Googling” in the dictionary, and sending a “tweet” was reserved for the birds (literally). This was before the modern social media craze and IRC was an important part of my online life. Over the […]

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Bad ESN on Your Phone? You Are Screwed

I recently purchased an HTC Touch smartphone from an eBay seller to replace my BlackBerry Curve. The seller had 100% positive feedback and had good feedback on similar phone sales in the past. I figured I couldn’t go wrong and started bidding. After communicating with the seller, I pushed ahead with taking his “Buy It […]

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Alltel Deposit Check

Alltel Deposits Returned

After years of paying, waiting, and being lied to by multiple customer service representatives regarding them, our wireless deposits have been returned! Amazing enough, one of the deposits (with interest) fit perfectly into another month of service. Funny how that works, huh? The other deposit was actually returned to us rather quickly once people stopped […]

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BlackBerry Curve 8330

BlackBerry Curve (8330) Brings Sexy Back

Just ignore all the shit I talked previously about my BlackBerry [Pearl]. This is the one! Big, bad, and oh-so sexy. The BlackBerry Curve 8330 features high speed EvDO data, fully unlocked GPS with Google Maps and BB Maps, camera, video, full keyboard, huge screen, and the best part: Over 10 days of standby and […]

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Unhappy With My Palm Treo Smartphone

Sad Treo I never imagined I’d hear myself saying this, but maybe ditching Windows Mobile, no matter how horrible the battery life, was a bad decision on my part. While I couldn’t get enough of my Treo 700p when I first bought it, after loading office apps, VNC, SSH, a decent e-mail client, and struggling […]

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Back To Palm OS With Treo

The first smartphone I ever purchased was a huge and heavy flip phone called the Kyocera 7135 featuring a quick little interface called Palm OS. It was originally released in 2002 to the United States and with a retail price of $499. People flocked to it in droves and before you knew it everyone had this absolute brick of […]

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