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Are Starbucks Customers Addicts or Assholes?

Starbucks Coffee Cup

When it comes to coffee, I love it. Not just for the caffeine but for the taste. I love coffee so much I drink a ton of it whenever I can — I even enjoy coffee-flavored items such as ice cream, candy, and alcoholic beverages. Needless to say I’m also a big fan of the wonderful coffee selection at Starbucks. I’ve been noticing though that the people ordering in front of me while I stand is line are up tight, bitchy and just plain rude most of the time. Is it because they’re really Starbucks addicts or maybe it’s because they’re paying between $4.00 and $7.00 for one cup of coffee?

I have a feeling that buying from the expensive coffee house gives middle-class people a reason to be snobby and better than everyone else. Maybe it’s just me but how do you take your coffee? And when it’s not 100% absolutely perfect, do you turn into a 5-year-old like some of these people I’ve seen when they accidentally get too much cream?

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3 Responses to Are Starbucks Customers Addicts or Assholes?

  1. MaciMouse April 21, 2014 at 6:26 PM #

    Sounds like Apple.

  2. Nathan March 14, 2014 at 5:17 AM #

    I dont like drinking coffee,
    I prefer starbucks yummy delicious hot chocolates they are just so nice especially with whipped cream.

  3. Dave February 26, 2014 at 6:27 PM #

    Screw these f,,king people, just got a cup of java
    At Starbucks and sat down outside to have a smoke , you should have seen the look on the faces of these assholes, like the world would end. One fat assed bitch got up and gave me a dirty look, I would think that extra weight she’s toting around on her fat ass would kill her a lot faster that the smell of a cigarette. These are the same asshole that used to put baby on board stickers on their fucking SUVs. While they tool around to the mall at 15 mpg.

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