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Solid State Drive

From SATA to SSD Hard Drives on Hackintosh

A couple months ago I wrote about building my own inexpensive Intel-based Mac OS X Hackintosh computer. One of the major updates I mentioned was upgrading my older SATA drive to one of those faster SSD hard drives. I’m happy to announce that I’ve upgraded my primary OS X drive to an SSD and the performance is […]

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OS X Yosemite

Super Budget Hackintosh Build

Update: I finally made the switch from SATA to SSD Hard Drives Following the success of my last Mac OS X build running on a Dell Inspiron 1525 HackBook, I’ve decided to build a super budget Hackintosh desktop for light gaming, design, and media. I originally built this system last year, and I will be continuously […]

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No New Microsoft Office For Mac?

I like Microsoft Office. Don’t hate me just yet. I like it better, more times than not, than iWork and OpenOffice. As the months have rolled on from Microsoft releasing Office 2013 for Windows, Redmond has decided to give our aging Office 2011 a little love. I expected something more than an attempt to monetize Apple users into […]

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Kim's iMac

North Korea Wants To Use Mac OS X

With very few people in North Korea online its address space is rather rare to stumble upon, however; it appears the new Dear Leader of N. Korea has had enough with Microsoft. In recent logs of BitTorrent traffic data, it has been discovered that North Korea is rather busy pirating television shows, and even downloading […]

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Real Player for Mac

What Happened to RealPlayer?

One of my favorite media players when I hooked up my first computer to the Internet was RealPlayer. From streaming radio stations to movies, Real was where it was at. The first version of the player was introduced in April of 1995 as RealAudio Player which was one of the first media players capable of […]

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