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MacBook Pro USB Ports

Create Bootable Linux USB Drive with Mac OS X

While working on a MacBook Pro, I recently needed to create a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu Linux. The hard drive was not being detected under Disk Utility and I couldn’t reformat it. I figured that the easiest thing to do was to create a quick Linux Live CD (USB) from another Mac. After downloading Ubuntu, […]

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Logitech M325 Mouse on Mac OS X

Recently, my el cheapo wired USB mouse died on me. It’s not completely dead, but insists on opening no less than 5 windows every time I click on something. I went to my local Best Buy to see if there were any deals on something in between dirt cheap and not-over-$100. I ended up coming […]

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MagicJack VoIP: Your Mileage May Vary

After going seriously over my wireless minutes for the past 2 months (unbeknown to me), I decided to put the BlackBerry down and try one of those seemingly fly-by-night “everything” providers, MagicJack. They have been reviewed by many, and I mean many, for having an easy to use, plain Jane product. You plug it in […]

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