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Compaq 47XX

My First Computer: Compaq Presario 4784

It was almost Christmas back in 1996 and all I wanted was my first computer. I was still pecking away at the keyboard, not yet able to type a full sentence without looking. What I thought was my first computer turned out to be a Brother Word Processor with a two- or three-color external screen. It wasn’t […]

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Time Machine & Windows

Use Your External Hard Drive for Time Machine and PC

External hard drives are dirt cheap, but what happens when you don’t want to carry multiple backup drives? Traditionally, the Time Machine drive on your Mac is formatted HFS+, something Windows doesn’t easily interact with unless you use third party software–and that can cost you. If you have a fairly large USB drive, such as […]

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WEI PowerShell

Find Your Windows Experience Index in Windows 8

When Microsoft released Windows Vista to the world in the beginning of 2007, it introduced a new scoring feature called the Windows Experience Index. This special feature measures 5 key areas of your computer’s hardware and assigns values based on basic benchmarking performance in: processor (CPU), graphics, memory (RAM), hard disk, and gaming graphics (3D), […]

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Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer: Why Still Popular?

The Internet has progressed a lot in the past 10 years. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the #1 web browser which Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds strong after all these years. Granted the “IE Bus” has lost its way, it’s still on the right track even with slipping ground. Back in the end […]

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